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Modular farming solutions to support local food production

Welcome to AgriKit

AgriKit provides the infrastructure, knowledge, and support you need to convert underutilized spaces into productive farms so you can grow fresh local produce in your community, for your community.

It’s especially suited to educational institutions, charities, local municipalities, not-for-profit organizations, urban developments and remote communities.

Are you ready to bring local food production into the heart of your community?

Maybe you’re an educational institution looking to add a beautiful farm space to increase educational programming opportunities for youth, or a local municipality that’s keen to transform a vacant, unused piece of land into a thriving urban farm or community garden.

You might be a charity or not-for-profit organization wanting to implement a productive farm to generate income and support your community initiatives, or a remote community seeking to increase food security and become less dependent on fragile distribution systems.

Whoever you are and whatever you want to achieve, we can help.


What you can accomplish with AgriKit

Grow and distribute fresh local produce to community members

Create and deliver educational programming

Generate an additional revenue stream for your organization or community

Make your current farm more efficient

Promote health, wellness and nutrition

Create employment opportunities

Increase food security and sovereignty

Engage youth and community members

Create a vibrant and abundant green space

Reconnect people with nature

It’s simple, straightforward and ready to go

AgriKit is a fully integrated modular farming solution. We provide the kit – you take it out of the container, set it up on your land and do the growing.

It’s simple. All the materials you need to kickstart and operate your farm, from grow bags and a timed irrigation system to packing tables and a fridge, are packed into a retrofitted AgriKit shipping container. It’s simple, straightforward and ready to go.

Once your AgriKit lands at your site, you take out the materials and set up your farm. The shipping container then becomes your command center, equipped with all the core infrastructure you need to successfully operate your farm.