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How AgriKit works

1. Tailored support for your specific needs

Our experienced team is here to answer all your questions.

We will support you in whatever way you or your organization need with remote consulting and mentoring, on the ground training, business planning support, or something in between.

2. We help you kickstart or scale your farm

We provide modular farming solutions to help you create or upscale your farm.

That might be transforming an unused development block or brownfield into a productive agricultural space or taking your existing farm operation to the next level.

3. You grow premium fruits and vegetables

When your AgriKit arrives at your site you will take out the materials to set up your farm. The shipping container then becomes your command center to successfully operate your farm.

Using innovative, light-footprint geotextile grow bags filled with premium organic soil blends and/or our fully integrated post-harvest unit, you can (and will!) grow an abundant variety of fresh seasonal local produce.

4. You nourish your community with fresh produce

You grow and supply food bursting with flavour and aroma to your local community.

Grown in your community and delivered straight to your community, your farm fresh food contributes to your sustainable local food economy.

Just add people

One thing we’ve learned in our almost ten years of running a successful modular farm is that people are at the heart of every thriving farm operation.

We want to empower you, your organization and your people with the skills, knowledge and expertise it takes to make your local food production ambitions a reality.

Working closely with charities, NGOs, academic institutions, Indigenous groups, government officials, developers, architects, contractors, restaurants, and food distributors, we’ve forged a path that enables us to create and install professional modular farm spaces.

We have the experience and knowledge to support you, and help you navigate the process from the initial site assessment to your first harvest.